Cutting-edge digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Nature-based Solutions

Verify impacts through the combination of Artificial Intelligence & Earth Observation


VerifAId is a powerful monitoring and verification system for Nature based Solutions (NbS). We offer innovative AI-based products, which can be seamlessly combined: VerifAId Forest Carbon for a digital MRV (dMRV) and assessment of forest carbon, VerifAId Supply Chain for verification of deforestation-free supply chains of agricultural commodities and VerifAId Transparency as a transparency and monitoring platform for Nature based Solutions (NbS).

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VerifAId Transparency is a platform to monitor, report and verify the impacts of Nature based Solutions (NbS). It supports projects to establish dMRV as a central pillar of restoration activities, and thus builds trust in NbS that have a high impact in scale and quality. VerifAId transparency goes beyond just visualizing maps, it enables users to directly run analytics via cloud-based processes on the platform. It combines the right data with the right algorithms to provide a high integrity and data-driven solution.

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Our services are in full compliance with standards such as Verra, HCS or various national initiatives (e.g. Waldklima Standard).
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