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We consider research as a fundamental activity that allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions. We are actively involved in research projects and our team develops new algorithms in data science, efficient, automated services and modern information products that supports positive environmental change.


Although RSS is a commercial enterprise, research and innovation is a fundamental part of our work. Satellite technology is evolving rapidly and continuously offers new monitoring capabilities. Through our research activities in cooperation with leading research institutions, we are able to offer innovative mapping and monitoring solutions. We have published more than 150 research papers in renowned scientific journals and led numerous studies concerning the latest satellite instruments.

Featured research projects


April 30, 2022

Wall-to-wall mapping of wetlands and potential peatlands in Lao PDR and the Philippines

In the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region peatlands cover approximately 23,6 million hectares, representing 56% of global tropical peatlands. However, their exact extent in most of these countries is not well known since the identification by field-based methods is time consuming and expensive due to the enormous extent of the countries and additionally due to difficult accessibility of many areas.