Multi-Spectral- and 3D-Monitoring of Vegetation by UAVs

Satellite-based Wetland Observation System (SWOS)
October 14, 2017
Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation for tourism
December 12, 2017


Multi-Spectral- and 3D-Monitoring of Vegetation by UAVs

Multi-Spectral- and 3D-Monitoring of Vegetation by UAVs

Objective of the EUREKA EUROSTARS research project MuSe3D is the development and evaluation of a multi-spectral measurement device for improved monitoring of vegetation by drones. Application fields are forest inventories and the monitoring of large agricultural production areas. A new multispectral camera system will be developed which is so small and light that it can be mounted on a conventional commercial drone platforms. The system will be delivered including hardware (measurement system) and software for analyzing, storing and handling the data sets.

Combination of multispectral image and 3D height measurement

The system consists of a measuring instrument, a data transmission unit and software for aerial image interpretation and classification.The measuring instrument is an integrated solution and consists of a multi-spectral camera, a 3D rangefinder, a processing unit and a time synchronization in a compact, lightweight housing. It can be easily transported to virtually any job site, and captures multispectral imagery and 3D geometries in a short time record, which can then be further processed and visualized as georeferenced 3D data.


  • Definition of technical specifications of the measurement system
  • Technical test and evaluation of measurement system
  • Definition and development of information products
  • Technical test and evaluation of the complete system prototype

Potential of application

Data products to be derived include multispectral true-ortho photos and vegetation indices, as well as digital surface models and 3D visualizations.The world's first combination of multispectral camera and 3D height measurement in a lightweight housing as well as a fully integrated evaluation process represent the innovation of the project.This system will allow to better estimate forest resources such as biomass, species composition and tree age as well as the health state of forests and agricultural crops.

Research partners

Fraunhofer Ipm, 4d-it Gmbh, Georama LLC, GeoImaging Ltd

Funding source

Eurostars 2