Mai 1, 2019

Join us at the ESA Living Planet Symposium!

Next week, RSS will be attending the ESA Living Planet Symposium and presenting our work on the coastal accumulation of microplastics. Elizabeth Atwood will be presenting […]
März 21, 2019

SWOS policy report available

Enhanced wetland monitoring, assessment and indicators to support European and global environmental policy is the title of the SWOS policy report that identifies the links between […]
Januar 19, 2019

New insights on the coastal accumulation of microplastics

Although freshwater systems are equally if not more contaminated with microplastics than the oceans, large rivers have been largely ignored in previous years. RSS has been […]
November 30, 2018

Best paper award for RSS and ICIPE at AARSE

Last month, RSS and ICIPE collaborated on a paper researching how remote sensing vegetation variables predict the spatial distribution of pests (Trioza erytreae) in Kenya. The […]
November 26, 2018

Success story of RSS published in “The Ever Growing Use of Copernicus across Europe’s Regions”

The publication is a collection of success stories on how Copernicus data meets the concrete needs of regional policy making. The RSS contribution “How Copernicus supports […]
Februar 10, 2018


We are very pleased to announce that RSS, as lead of the International Peat Mapping Team, won the Indonesian Peat Prize this morning! The competition aimed […]