SWOS policy report available

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Februar 5, 2019
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April 5, 2019


    SWOS policy report available

    Enhanced wetland monitoring, assessment and indicators to support European and global environmental policy is the title of the SWOS policy report that identifies the links between the Horizon 2020 Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service (SWOS) project outcomes and existing policy frameworks at European and global levels. It aims to guide EU Strategies and Directives to better address wetland ecosystems, paving the way towards a European environmental model that benefits wetland ecosystems and ensure the adequate prevision of related ecosystem services, by guiding action towards achieving no-net-loss and restoration targets and decreasing degradation objectives for wetland ecosystems.

    Looking beyond 2020

    The SWOS report looks beyond the current EU and global policy framework aiming at 2020 as a reference year for many targets and actions which will most likely fail. Instead, the report provides key messages for the post-2020 agenda at EU level focusing strongly on progress towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy to achieve EU environmental objectives. However, this currently lacks clear policy objectives towards protecting biodiversity, natural capital, and human well-being. Among the key policy recommendations highlighted in this new report, the need to use adequate monitoring, assessment and indicators through the use of new information technologies including satellite images is filled by the project through a series of tools, methodologies and online materials including videos to assist policy-makers and other interested users.

    Read the full report

    The full SWOS report can be accessed here: https://www.swos-service.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/SWOS_Report_web.pdf