SAR-based burned area mapping training in Indonesia

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Januar 19, 2019
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März 21, 2019


    SAR-based burned area mapping training in Indonesia

    Within the framework of the GIZ's FORCLIME programme, RSS was recently hosting a week-long training on burned area detection using Sentinel-1 satellite data. Over 20 Indonesian officials from MoEF, LAPAN and provincial authorities explored how Sentinel-1 data could be used to complement Landsat-based burned area mapping in Indonesia.

    Persistent cloud cover throughout the year is a major drawback in burned area mapping schemes using optical satellite data. The benefit of using Sentinel-1 is that its radar system transmits through clouds and allows us to detect land cover and changes despite weather conditions.

    The workshop also demonstrated how a combination of data taken on multiple dates can improve the interpretation of burned areas in contrast to traditional methods which only assess one observation at a time. The course also introduced object-based image analysis (OBIA) and its associated workflows, providing participants with new insights and tools for their everyday work.