Food security

June 5, 2020

Two new publications on food security in Africa

November 28, 2019


CoExist will monitor environmental-related transhumance patterns and will assess the associated risks for population displacement in Chad and the Central African Republic. The project is a cooperation between RSS and IOM (UN Agency - International Organization for Migration) and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy via the DLR Space Administration.
November 26, 2019


RSS helped develop a satellite-based method that is able to discern the spread of, risk and occurrence areas for Prosopis juliflora and Parthenium hysterophorous over wider areas in Somaliland (Africa). Both invasive species are wide-spread in, particularly, African drylands and negatively affect livelihoods of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities.
June 16, 2019

New publication on honey bee habitats in Kenya

A new study published in collaboration with ICIPE this May looks at the effect of agro-ecological landscape fragmentation and its effect on honey bee habitats in Eastern Kenya.
May 6, 2019

Earth Observation can support public health

Climate change has emerged as a major risk factor for global public health acting on its own or modifying the effect of the wide array of the well-studied immediate and intermediate determinants of health. A DFG-funded Research Unit in Public Health studies how weather variability influences three major climate-sensitive health outcomes: (i) childhood undernutrition, (ii) malaria and (iii) heat stress.
June 6, 2018

GlobeDrought – large-scale identification of drought hazard, vulnerability and risk

Drought events pose a threat to crop productivity, can cause socioeconomic impacts such as decreased farmer income, and may even result in the need for international food aid. GlobeDrought combines spatially explicit, historical information on drought hazard, exposure and vulnerability from meteorological, agricultural, hydrological and socioeconomic sources to provide reliable and comprehensive information on drought risk at a global level.